Boogie woogie

Boogie woogie is a fun and energetic dance that will get your body moving to the beat!

Boogie woogie has certain similarities to Lindy hop and it originated in the 1950s in Germany, when the music shifted from the swing to the more fast-paced rhythm’n’blues and rock’n’roll music. This type of music typically has a strong driving beat, with a syncopated bass line, and often uses a ‘shuffle’ beat. The music also often features a lot of improvisation, and sometimes a piano solo. Boogie woogie is also danced to slow blues or jazz music.

The dancing is based on the improvisation of both the lead and the follow. The lead is in charge of creating and developing the steps and patterns of the dance, while the follow is responsible for adapting to and following the lead’s steps. Both the lead and the follow must be creative, responsive, and flexible in order to create an enjoyable and successful dance. The 6-count footwork of the dance is step step, triple-step, triple-step.

Back in the days the dance was known as ‘Rock’n’Roll’, but the name was changed to because the name ‘Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll‘ already existed for another dance style.