Blues dancing is an improvisational social dance that draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles. It is a social dance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and is great for those who appreciate soulful and expressive music. 

Blues dancing is characterised by its smooth and soulful movements, often including gentle turns, glides, and dips. It is a great way to connect with a partner and enjoy music in a unique and meaningful way.

Blues evolved from the African American music and dance tradition at end of the 1800s. Although the blues movement language is partly common to jazz dances, it has its own expressive aesthetic. In Blues, both the leader and the follower actively interpret the music and take inspiration from another.

There are many styles of blues music and forms of dance. Blues is, in fact, a family of many different dance styles and most of the dance styles fall into two major families: jookin’ and ballroomin’.