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Wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for moving around.

Shoes can be non-marking indoor sports shoes flat dance shoes. In the first dancing classes you can also dance in the socks. 

As you progress in your dancing, we recommend to get flat and slippery shoes for rock’n’swing dances.

Our members favourite shoes:

As a membership benefit, you can get 10% discount on the shoes from our partners. 

You can join as a member by creating an account in myClub. We will send you a membership fee within a month of registration. 

Let us know that you want to end your membership in the following way.


Mobile application:

  • Go to the profile settings by clicking the most right icon in the bottom of the app. 
  • Select Member account settings and select Rock’n’Swing Dance Club Comets
  • Select Member information and scroll to the end of the page.
  • Select Terminate membership and select Yes.

The board of Comets processes membership cancellation requests about once a month.

Only members can register for our dance courses and other activities. 

If you end up stuck on the waiting list and don’t get a spot in the course, you can leave the membership fee invoice unpaid and terminate your membership by selecting “Terminate membership” in your member details.

Even if you don’t get a spot in the course, as a member of the association, you will receive valuable membership benefits, such as free monthly parties exclusively for members and discounts from our partners.

You can register without or with a partner to our partner dance courses. We use partner rotation in our classes, therefore you don’t a dance partner. 

Yes, it is common in Rock’n’Swing dance classes that the instructors will rotate partners. The only exceptions are aerials and competition classes.

Rotating partners has a lot of advantages:

  • you improve your lead and follow skills,
  • you will be inspired by others,
  • you learn and benefit from each other’s strengths,
  • you meet new people and you can’t fight with your regular dance partner!

All this means you have better and more dance partners to dance with in the dance parties. 

If you are only able to dance well with your own partner or a very good partner than there may be parts of your own dancing you need to look at.

In partner dancing there’s usually a leader and a follower. Anyone can be a leader, anyone can be a follower.

Usually a leader initiates a movement and a follower completes it. These roles are in no way gender specific, in fact many people do both, and dancing both roles is often referred as switching. 

You will be asked to chose to either lead or follow when you register to a partner dance course. Or you if you are fine with both roles you can choose ‘Both roles are okay’. Depending on the balance of leaders and followers, you might end up leading or following.

We encourage everyone to try both roles at some point, as it’ll greatly improve your dancing and broaden your understanding of leading and following.

The beginners courses (level 1) always start from scratch. You don’t need any previous dancing experience.

All of our courses can be found in myClub under the ‘Registration’ tab. 

We let people without a partner from the queue in the registration order so that there are about equal number of followers and leaders (±2). Therefore the myClub might show that the course is full, but is not until [TÄYNNÄ] is added to the course name.

You will get a notification and a bill, when you get a spot in the course.

You can’t cancel a binding registration. Work trip, moving, motivation or being otherwise busy are not acceptable reasons to try to cancel course registration. 

In case of long-term illness, the course bill can be removed, if you get ill before course starts.

If you get ill during the course and you miss more than half of the classes, you can get 50% reimbursement on the bill.

If you get ill after the midpoint of the course, no reimbursement will be given. 

For reimbursement, a medical certificate must be send to the club’s finances at Course fees will only be refunded against a medical certificate delivered to the right place on time.

Members belonging to discount groups can receive a 20€ discount on the price of seasonal courses which have 12 or 14 lessons.

Students, pensioners and the unemployed are entitled to discounts.

Send your discount certificate to the e-mail address

We don’t accept sport benefit as payment method until further notice.