We are now officially a rock and swing club!

Rock’n Roll Dance Club Comets ry was founded in 1992 by dancers who started their hobby at Tanssiklubi Star ry. Comets was founded as a rock’n’roll club altough boogie woogie and lindy hop became soon also available.

Comets received a motion to change its name. The change of the club’s name to Rock’n’Swing Dance Club Comets was justified by the fact that swing sports and their large number of participants and active people are great importance to the club.

For new members it also matters what is the first impression when they find Comets. Swing sports have risen to an equally important role alongside rock’n’roll.

The name change motion was approved and was quickly reflected in the club’s communications as social media and website. Now the name by the official confirmation of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office is:

Rock’n’Swing Dance Club Comets ry.