Cometsin sisäiset tanssikilpailut

Internal competitions 2022

Internal competitions will be again on Comets’ 30th Birthday Party on Saturday 19th March in Balder Hall at Aleksanterinkatu 12, Helsinki.

Participation: All Comets members can participate regardless of the level of skills. To rock’n’roll duo and formation you sign up as a team. You can sign up with a partner or without, but partner competitions are mix and match so there is a raffle for partners on spot – you don’t need your own partner to sign up and different dances are competed with different partners. Anyone can dance as leader or follower, you just choose the role when registering.

Pre-registration will be opened by Monday 28th February and is open until 18th March at 4 pm:

Between competitions and afterwards everyone is welcome to social dancing. So come to cheer up competitors even if you wont participate yourself! The event is free for all members, so there will membership fee sent later if you are not a member yet.

Sign up in the audience at 16-19:30 in myClub

Sign up to the dance party at 19:30-22 in myClub

Any questions? Sign up as referee? Contact Pinja Juvonen (or Susanna Ritala):