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Member’s letter 7/2022 – Autumn courses starting

As a new concept this year we introduced a free trial week, which is currently ongoing. If you want to help a friend to find a fun, sporty and social hobby, you can hint about this possibility. 

The first classes of some courses have already been held, but there is still room in almost all courses. Remember that the dance role does not depend on gender, so you can try a new role if the places for your current role are full. 

We are happy that we can start the new season as normal and with no restrictions in sight! 

Have a nice start to the autumn season!

Comets Board of 2022: Susanna, Arto, Juha, Kirsi, Milla, Nicklas, Nina, Pertti, Pinja as well as coaching, finance, marketing and communications and event committees


  1. Autumn season starting
  2. Free try-out week 29 August – 4 September 2022
  3. Subscribe to courses and events in your calendar automatically
  4. Our club’s activities are based on voluntary work
  5. Comets in competitions
  6. Comets in the Park
  7. Children’s dance courses
  8. Upcoming dance parties
  9. Upcoming competitions
  10. Upcoming coach trainings

1. Autumn season starting

You can still sign up for the autumn courses! The following courses can still accommodate more participants:

As a recap, the most important points about the changes to the registration arrangements:
  • Full term courses and intensive courses can now be found in myClub under the Registrations tab.
  • In the future, only individual events, such as dance parties and member meetings, can be found under the Events tab. The events tab also shows the courses you have registered for.
  • In the autumn courses, normal partner rotation rings are used.
  • Course registrations are personal, thus, a replacement partner can no longer be brought to the courses. Exception is at the courses that do not use partner rotation, for example competition groups.
  • The course registration is immediately binding, and cannot be canceled after being accepted to the course. It is still possible to cancel the registration while waiting on the queue.
  • When the course place is confirmed, an invoice for the course is automatically generated.
  • We recommend paying the automatically generated invoices only on the due date of the invoice, in case the course has to be cancelled.
  • There is one registration event per course. In other words, myClub no longer has separate events for leaders, followers and couples.
  • For all partnered dance courses, you first register in a queue and participants are taken to the course from the queue, maintaining the pair balance (±2). So the course is not full, even though myClub may show it that way.
  • If you choose a discount price when registering, the discount certificate must be sent to before the start of the course.

2. Free try-out week 29 August - 4 September 2022

A free beginner’s trial week is going on right now. You can still register. Try a new dance style and invite all your friends to try rock’n’swing dances! The participant does not have to be a member of the club for the try-out week.

3. Subscribe to courses and events in your calendar automatically

Did you know that you can subscribe to calendar events from courses and events you are registered for so that they appear automatically in your own calendar? 

Create a calendar subscription with your myClub credentials.

Instructions for making a calendar subscription.

4. Our club’s activities are based on voluntary work

Our club’s activities are largely carried out by volunteers, and there is always something to do for new volunteers. If you are interested in being involved in developing the activities of Comets, you can contact the board or express your interest here. We always need enthusiastic people to participate in order to provide the best dances, the happiest members and everyone having their own place to enjoy. You can also get involved in the activities by participating in the organization of various events as a volunteer. 

Remember that all members can organize dance parties of our dance styles in our halls! 

We dance ethically and with high quality.

Read the Code of Conduct here.

5. Comets in competitions

Ida-Loviisa (14) and Aaron (13) Koivunen, who joined Comets at the beginning of the year, are already experienced competitors. The young people started dancing with the encouragement of their parents, and tried standard dances together for the first time when they were 4–5 years old. Instead of waltz and tango, the children found a suitable level of action in rock and swing dances. 

“We participated in the first competitions in 2015. We competed in fusku and boogie woogie. I remember that we didn’t really have time to practice fusku in class, so we borrowed a CD from the library that taught the basic step of the fusku and the rock spin pattern. We used the basic step in the whole fusku dance competition, and at the end of the song, there was also one spinning pattern. We won gold medals with that dance, thus, we knew something. In boogie woogie, the rhythm didn’t quite hold together then, and we were fourth at that time. That’s where our competitions started.”

6. Comets in the Park

Comets organized park dances twice a week during the summer season. We were able to enjoy dancing in a beautiful environment and this year the weather has also favored us. On seven occasions, there were two bands with several different compositions to delight us, and we also heard and saw wonderful performances. Many evenings started with free dance lessons offered by our club. The joy of the dance was certainly transmitted to passers-by and visitors, and hopefully we will also get new members through the park dances. We would like to thank all the volunteers, including musicians, roadies, performers, photographers and teachers. 

A voluntary Comets in the Park participation fee (10-30 €) can still be paid in myClub. The voluntary payment helps us pay the rent of the opera stage, so that we can continue to organize park dances open to everyone.

7. Children's dance courses

In children’s dance courses, dance is approached through playful exercises and the basics of musical movement are learned in an age-appropriate way. The groups are excellently suited for starting a dance hobby, and the child gains important motoric and rhythmic skills from dancing. The fun classes focus on basic movement skills encourage you to try your own movement and find the joy of dancing. In these classes, the child also learns the skills of working in a group. The dance is also influenced by rock and swing dances, especially by the rock’n’roll dance genre.

Coach Milja Vainikka is a trained, inspiring and engaging instructor. From last season’s course feedback: “Milja paid attention to everything, the class was well planned, she was 110% present, and was cheerful and encouraging.”

More info:

8. Upcoming dance parties

9. Upcoming competitions

10. Upcoming coach trainings

The Comets club coach can apply for a training permit for STUL and ESLU trainings using this form. 

It is recommended to apply for a training permit no later than 3-4 weeks before the training, so that the coaching committee has time to grant permission for training supported by the club. In general, you must register for STUL’s training no later than two weeks before the training. 

Most of the training events are in Finnish. 

The following coach trainings are coming up: 

Etelä-Suomen Liikunta ja Urheilu (ESLU) 

Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto (STUL)

January 2023 RS Seuraohjaajakoulutus 2 (Note! Mandatory pre-assignment ‘Group instructor training)

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