The spring meeting approved Comets’ new strategy for 2022-2025 and a new honorary member as well as the report of activities and the financial statements. We heard about the possibility of renting a new dance hall at the Cable Factory. No decision was made at the spring meeting about a possible budget overrun due to the location change. Therefore, we gather members’ opinions through a survey.

Remember to give feedback on the courses you attended during spring 2022! The course feedback is very valuable to teachers, as well as to help plan future courses.

Although the courses are coming to an end, there are still plenty of events coming up during the spring and summer.

The Finnish Dance Sports Association’s Rock & Swing Dance Championships will be held at the Dance House in Helsinki on Saturday 11 June. Welcome to both compete and cheer!

Comets Board of 2022
Susanna, Arto, Juha, Kirsi, Milla, Nicklas, Nina, Pertti, Pinja
as well as coaching, finance, marketing and communications and event committees

1. Comets spring meeting and decision on a possible new hall
2. Rock & Swing Dance Championships
3. Timo Huhtinen is a honorary member of Comets
4. Members of the year
5. American Car Show
6. Upcoming workshops
7. Upcoming dance parties
8. Upcoming competitions
9. Join us in organizing events

1. Comets spring meeting and decision on a possible new hall

In addition to the report of activities and the financial statements, the spring meeting approved Comets’ new strategy 2022-2025, which will be described in more detail in the next letter, and a new honorary member, more on which below.

A few weeks ago we heard about the possibility of renting a new dance hall at the Cable Factory and immediately decided to ask members for their opinion on a possible budget overrun and sent the material as part of the invitation to the spring meeting. The proposed hall is located closer to the city center and is in many ways better suited for dancing (higher ceiling, more dance space, no poles).

Here is an introduction to the potential new hall; with additions based on questions and comments raised at the members’ meeting.

The vote on the budget overrun was almost even and there were suggestions that a wider set of members should be consulted.

The club’s finances are stable and the balance sheet is good. We have coped with the losses caused by the corona reasonably thanks to the city and state subsidies. Therefore, we would like to ask members if the club should invest in the renovation of a possible new hall and a higher rent.

Survey about a new dance hall (no longer available).

2. Rock & Swing Dance Championships

The Finnish Dance Sports Association’s Rock & Swing Dance Championships will be held in the Erkko Hall of the Dance House (Kaapeliaukio 3) in Helsinki on Saturday 11 June from 12 noon.

Rock and swing competitors from all over Finland, from sympathetic juniors to top international couples, gather to fill the arena with joy, technical skill and dazzling dance performances!

During the competition day, spectacular boogie woogie, chilled lindy hop, fast-paced bugg, sporty rock’n’roll, swinging rockabilly and fusku are danced. In addition to the pair dances, there is rock’n’roll formation for teams and rock’n’roll duo and solo competitions.

Welcome to both compete and cheer!

3. Timo Huhtinen is a honorary member of Comets

The Comets spring meeting approved the proposal for a new honorary member of the club. Timo’s contribution to the club has been immeasurably valuable.

Timo has been a member of the club for 15 years and during that time he has held various positions of trust in the club’s board, such as secretary and chairman. As a club coach, Timo is inspiring and cheerful, and since 2011 he has coached numerous dance courses in various dance styles at Comets. He also acts as the responsible for fusku and boogie woogie. He has played a significant role in welcoming new members to the dance community through his dance classes as well as hosting the monthly dance parties. Many members have probably danced to Timo’s playlists.

Timo has represented the club in several competitions and dance styles. He has been successful in competitions, which is proved by, among other things, the gold medals achieved in the senior class in the Finnish Championships in rock & swing dances.

Congratulations on your honorary membership Timo!

Timo Huhtinen

4. Members of the year

The members of the year were awarded in the club’s internal competitions in March.

The historic World Cup victory, the long-term effort and the visible joy of dancing brought the competitor of the year title to the boogie woogie world champions Anna Tyutyunyuk and Masi Sauren.

The coach of the year was awarded to Outi Salonen, who is a competent, supportive and encouraging coach. Outi is cheery, inspiring and skilled and encourages everyone to take part in dancing by actively participating in events and in teaching courses.

Milla Peltoniemi, who is a hard-working, productive and energetic club developer, was deservedly awarded as the club activist of the year. Milla’s contribution plays a significant role behind the scenes at Comets and was praised as “positively curious, helpful and approachable” who boldly takes care of things for the benefit of the club across all dance styles.

Read on the Comets blog the feelings of the competitor, club coach and club activist of the year, as well as the delightful motivations from the voting members. For whom was the prize a surprise to the end and who could have guessed something?

5. American Car Show

“Dancing looks fun. Absolutely insane! When will you be performing next?”

We heard such comments when a group of volunteers from Comets set out to elevate the atmosphere of the American Car Show at Easter. And as always, dancing interests people from babies to grandparents and based on the flicker of flashes, the Comets crew succeeded in their goal. This time we did not set up a stand of our own, but we went to dance freely in whatever style, e.g. boogie, rockabilly and fusku, that fits the music. Not forgetting strolling, which also attracted guests. Thanks to the dancers, the spectators certainly got to see what is most important in dancing – the joy of dancing and enjoying the music was certainly seen by everyone. Finnish Hot Rod Association also hoped to continue the cooperation, so put the next time in the calendar, see you again at the exhibition center in a year!

A big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project, the core team as well as the dancers, without you, organizing events would be much more challenging.

American car show

6. Upcoming courses and workshops

Courses and workshops starting before the summer:

  • Collegiate Shag: Beginner’s workshop, level 1 Couples, Followers, Leaders
  • Collegiate Shag: Workshop for improvers, level 2 Couples, Followers, Leaders
  • Rock’n’roll formation for ladies beginner’s workshop

7. Upcoming dance parties

There are a lot of parties towards the end of the season:

  • My First Lindy Hop Party, May 7
  • Boogie woogie end-of-season party, May 20
  • West coast swing end-of-season party, May 21.
  • End-of-season bugg and fusku dance party, May 26
  • End-of-season swing dance party, May 27

Like last year, we will again this summer dance at the Opera amphitheater 7 June to 24 August: lindy hop on Tuesdays at 5-8 pm and west coast swing on Wednesdays at 6-9 pm.

8. Upcoming competitions

  • Nordic Championship – Denmark, May 14
  • Finnish Championship – Comets, Helsinki, June 11
  • Grand Prix competitions – Swing Team, Tampere, November 12

9. Join us in organizing events

The activities of our club are carried out largely by volunteers, and there is a need for helpers, especially in organizing events.

On Thursday 26 May 2022 from 9 am to 1 pm, Helsingin Ekonomit will hold a castle event as a private event, where Comets dancers are invited to entertain during queuing. Register with Susanna ( if you want to join.

The Finnish Dance Sports Association’s Rock & Swing Dance Championships will be held in Helsinki at the brand new Dance House on Saturday 11 June 2022 from 12 noon. If you want to work as a helper, register here (or contact Paula Laitinen (

Do you do photography or do you know someone who would be interested in photographing the Finnish Championships at the Dance House 11 June and make the images available to Comets for supportive purposes? In principle, there is no salary for the photographer, but travel expenses are reimbursed and compensation can be negotiated. If you are interested, please contact Suvi-Tuuli (Suvi-tuuli.kiilunen (at)

Kallio Block Party will be held in August. If you would like to take part in organizing this event, please contact Susanna Ritala (