Masi and Anna won World Championship in boogie woogie!

On Sunday evening, October 24, 2021, in the boogie woogie world championships Masi Saurén and Anna Tyutyunyuk from Comets made history and won the first position in Kharkov, Ukraine.

A total of two Finnish couples participated in the competition. Another Finnish couple Samuli Kalliala and Pinja Sarviluoma were in eighth position.

Pinja: “We’re really pleased that we could even participate in the Championships. Our goal was to get on the floor and enjoy the dances together. We are very happy with the position in these circumstances !”

Masi and Anna have been competing together since 2016. They have won two World Cups, numerous finals in international competitions, and currently the pair is ranked No. 1 in the world ranking of boogie woogie.

The rock’n’swing manager in the Finnish Dance Sport Federation and the couple’s head coach, Pirjo Koivula said that Masi and Anna danced well today in a relaxed and strong way. “The psychic mood lasted all day. It was a pleasure to follow their work.”

Finns have won medals in the boogie woogie general class once before, when in 2019 Juho Päivinen and Mari Munne danced for the World Championship silver. In the senior class, Tommi and Pirjo Koivula danced World Championship gold in 2002. The World Championship gold of the general class is a historic achievement.

Boogie Woogie World Championship 24 October 2021

  1. SAURÉN Masi – TYUTYUNYUK Anna, Finland
  2. OLSEN BYE Sondre – GEORGIIEVSKA Tatiana, Norway
  3. MASOTTI Dimitri – GHEZZO Alessia, Italy
  4. ANDRÉN Nils – LOCATELLI Bianca, Sweden
  5. LLAMAS Florent – VERON Roxane, France
  6. CORSI Simone – CORNELLI Giulia, Italy
  7. ANDRIIKO Serhii – NIMENKO Khrystyna, Ukraine
  8. KALLIALA Samuli – SARVILUOMA Pinja, Finland

All competition results on the WRRC website.