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Members letter 1/2023

The 31st year of Comets has begun! The courses have started, but there is still room for many courses, see below for more information. At the beginning of the season, I would like to remind every dancer about the Code of Conduct for dance and our values, which can be found in the strategy on our website. If you are interested in joining the Code of Conduct team, please get in touch. 

In such a challenging economic situation, I am happy that at the end of the year Comets had over a thousand members again, although still 20% less than in the best years, and only three courses were canceled due to low enrollment. This year looks better now, as you have found your way back to the courses and new members have joined. 

Membership fee invoices for 2023 will be sent to all last year’s members next week, or if you wish, you can already order a membership fee invoice for yourself from myClub. 

Please remember to submit discount certificates to the address by January 29th if you are eligible. 

Have a great start to the year! 

On behalf of the Comets Board 2023 

Susanna Ritala
Chair of the Board


  • The start of the spring term
  • The new board is organized
  • Comets club active and competitor of the year
  • The dancesport competitors of 2022
  • National team 2023
  • Competition results
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Upcoming dance events
  • Upcoming dance competitions
  • Upcoming coach trainings

1. The start of the spring term

The spring term has started with a lot of energy!

The following courses start after the winter break:

Balboa level 3B (space for 6 leaders)
Fusku level 2 (space for 5 leaders)
Blues SOLO – open level (space)
Blues: Ballroom basics (space)
Blues: Embrace – improvers (space) 
West coast swing follower’ solo course (space)

2. The new board is organized

The board of 2023 is organized. Within the board, we have made the following division of responsibilities: 

Susanna Ritala: chair of the board, member of the finance and events committee
Juha Martikainen: vice chair of the board, competitor responsible, star club responsible
Timo Huhtinen: secretary, events committee member
Nicklas Beijar: marketing and communications committee chair, events committee member
Kirsi Järvenpää: locations responsible
Nina Kuuliainen: finance committee chair
Arto Latvala: events committee chair, security officer
Helena Metsä: coach training responsible, performances responsible
Milla Peltoniemi: coaching committee chair

Board members can be reached at or

The following non-board members also participate in the committees:

Members of the finance committee: Pertti Ikäläinen, Mila Auvinen

Members of the marketing and communication committee: Niklas Koivula, Jutta Kokkonen, Suvi-Tuuli Kiilunen

Members of the events committee: Pinja Juvonen, Mikael Mölsä, Ulla Palomäki, Paula Laitinen

Members of the junior committee: Hilla Peromaa, Juha Martikainen

You can read more about the tasks of the board and committees here. Sign up for committees by contacting the board. 

3. Comets club active and competitor of the year

The Comets club active of 2022, Pinja Juvonen, was announced on the 6th of January in the internal competitions.

“Arranging the party (30 years) was a really big project, which Pinja invested in completely, with a good touch, always with a constructive and positive attitude. She acted excellently in the MC role at the same party.”

Pinja works as the board’s events manager, arranger of Comets in the Park events, and blues responsible. Pinja’s active work for the club has become visible and successful, for example through the responsibility of organizing the club’s 30th anniversary celebration, which was accompanied by high expectations.

“Pinja is systematic, precise and communicates clearly and responsibly.”

“An extremely active and productive event organizer and board member, Pinja spreads joy, energy and sparkle around her, and dares to think in new ways.”

Congratulations to Pinja!

The recipient of the club active award of the year can be a long-term volunteer or a newcomer. The recipient works as a volunteer with heart and enthusiasm. The person can be the driving force of the association, an enthusiast, a developer of activities or otherwise a distinguished active member. 

The Comets club competitor of the year 2022, Outi Salonen, was announced on the 21th of January at the first west coast swing party of the year.

“Great rise to the All Star division and immediately on the podium in the first two competitions”.

The rise to the All Star division is great achievement. Outi is the first original Comets member who has risen to that division. There are four other All Star who has risen in Finland. All Star is the fifth division. There is only the Champions division above that.

Last year, Outi danced in eleven Jack & Jill finals. 

Congratulations Outi!

Members proposed the Comets members of the year and they were nominated by the jury consisting of the previous year chair, Comets active and competitors of the year. 

The club coach of the year will be announced later during January.

4. The dance sport competitors of 2022

The Association of Sports Journalists selected Masi Saurén and Anna Tyutyunyuki as dance sport competitors of 2022 and they participated in the Sports Gala to celebrate it. Since 1946, the Association of Sports Journalists has chosen the best athletes of the sports every year. 

Congratulations Masi and Anna!

5. National team 2023

Finnish Dance Sport Federation (STUL) has selected the national rock’n’swing dance team for 2023. Three couples of Comets were selected for the national team: 

Juho Päivinen and Ida Keränen: boogie woogie, adults
Aaron Koivunen and Ida-Loviisa Koivunen: boogie woogie, juniors
Samuel Vaulimo and Elise Vaulimo: boogie woogie, juniors

In addition, from the national team boogie woogie adult couple Kimi Manner and Ella Äijänaho will transfer to represent Comets.

6. Competition results

Comets achieved great results at the Westie Gala held in Sweden.

Emmi Viinamäki got third in Intermediate Jack & Jill and moved up to the Advanced skill class.

Hannu-Pekka Schukov got second in the Advanced Jack & Jill competition.

Teemu Lujala won the Intermediate Jack & Jill competition.

Lauri Laitinen got second in the Intermediate Jack & Jill competition.

Mira Salo won the Newcomer Jack & Jill competition.

In addition, Comets members were participating in the Jack & Jill finals of all skill categories and in the finals of the Soiree Strictly competition.

Warm congratulations on the great results!

In addition, Arja Sahlberg got second in the Slow Jam competition of The Snowball event organized in Sweden. Congratulations!

You can find the winners of Comets’ own internal competitions on Comets’ Facebook and Instagram.

7. Frequently asked questions

The Comets info email ( receives many good questions about the club’s activities. The answers to the most common questions are collected on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

We would like to remind you that if your question is related to the courses of a certain dance style, you will get the best answers by contacting the directors of the dance sections directly. If your matter is related to course fees or invoices, you should use the address

Here are answers to questions we have been asked recently: 

Q: Unfortunately, I can’t make it to the first class of the course. Do I have to report this? Will I lose my place otherwise? 
A: A confirmed and invoiced course place is not canceled due to absence. No separate notification is required. 

Q: If I begin the course after the course has already started, do I still have to pay the entire course fee? 
A: Yes. The course is always paid in full. 

Q: I forgot my belongings to the Comets Club. How could I come pick it up? 
A: It can probably be found in the foundry basket in the lobby of the Comets Club. You can check on our course calendar when there are dance lessons, and you can enter. 

Q: Why does Comets collect the birth dates of its members? 
A: The date of birth is used for identification, so that members with the same name can be distinguished from each other, as well as to prevent a member from accidentally becoming a member of the club twice. In addition, the age distribution of the members is calculated from the date of birth, which is mandatory information for applying for an operating grant from the City of Helsinki. We also annually provide the Finnish Dance Sports Association with statistics on the age and gender distribution of members. 

Q: Are leaders and followers always by gender?
A: You can participate in the role of leader or follower regardless of gender. In partner dances, leading and following are their own areas of expertise and both roles require separate training. 

Q: My husband and I would be interested in trying dance x. Unfortunately, however, we are not yet able to commit to weekly training sessions. Is it possible to book private lessons through you? 
A: Comets does not provide private lessons, but you can ask teachers who have their own company. On this page, you will find introductions and contact information for our professional coaches.

8. Upcoming dance events

West coast swing party, Comets Club, 28.1.2023
Monthly dance party for Comets members, Comets Club, 29.1.2023
Bugg and fusku dance party, Comets Club, 3.2.2023
West coast swing party, Comets Club, 11.2.2023
Charity event for Ukrainian swing dancers 26.2.2023
Monthly dance party for Comets members, Comets Club, 26.2.2023
Monthly dance party for Comets members, Comets Club, 26.3.2023

9. Upcoming dance competitions

Rock’n’Swing Grand Prix, Hämeenlinna 11.02.2023
Winter Coast Swing (WSDC), Leppävirta, 23.-26.2.2023
Finnish Rock’n’Swing Championship, Helsinki region, 15.4.2023
World Cup BW and Nordic Championship 2023, Oslo, 29.04.2023
World Cup BW, Stuttgart, 11-12.08.2023
Finnfest (WSDC), Helsinki, 22-25.9.2023
Rock’n’Swing Grand Prix, Tampere, 18.11.2023
World Championship BW, Geneva, 25.11.2023

10. Upcoming coach trainings

The Comets club coach can apply for a training permit for STUL and ESLU trainings using this form. 

It is recommended to apply for a training permit no later than 3-4 weeks before the training, so that the coaching committee has time to grant permission for training supported by the club. In general, you must register for STUL’s training no later than two weeks before the training. 

Most of the training events are in Finnish. 

Suomen Tanssiurheiluliitto (STUL)

  • RS Taso I seuraohjaajakoulutus 1, 3.2.2023 – 5.2.2023
  • RS Taso I seuraohjaajakoulutus 2, 3.2.2023 – 5.2.2023
  • Lindy hop kilpataso, alkuvuonna 2023

Etelä-Suomen Urheilu ja Liikunta (ESLU)

  • VOK-1: Suunnitellen laatua harjoitteluun -etäkoulutus, 10.2.2023
  • VOK-1: Taitojen oppiminen + Opetustyylit ja ohjaaminen, 11.2.2023
  • Kulttuurisen moninaisuuden kohtaamistaidot: Osallisuus monikulttuurisissa ryhmissä, 7.3.2023
  • Kulttuurisen moninaisuuden kohtaamistaidot: Syrjinnän vastainen työtapa, 28.3.2023
  • VOK-1: Minä valmentajana -etäkoulutus, 5.5.2023
  • VOK-1: Aikuisliikunnan laatutekijät ja liikkujan motiivit, 6.5.2023

Give us feedback

Feedback on this letter to and general feedback using the feedback form.

Spring course feedback form.

The activities of our club are to a large extent based on voluntary work and for new active members there is always something to do. If you are interested in being part of developing the club, you can contact a member of the board or indicate your interest here: Become a Comets volunteer.